2021 Show

2021 Results

Our 2021 Winners

First Place

Hazel and Anna

Card Trick

Hazel’s Card trick took the 2021 Competition by storm! This 4 year old Red Star chicken demonstrated the ability to distinguish colors and shapes through her impressive card trick where she consistently pointed out the ace of diamonds.

Hazel’s owner, 15 year old Anna Pinto from Murrysville, PA, loves training her chickens to do fun tricks and dance routines!

Second Place

Penelope and Anna

Shake It Off Dance Routine

Penelope is a 1 year old Speckled Sussex chicken. Her funky moves inspired all of our first grade judges to “Shake It Off” in this Taylor Swift-inspired dance routine!

Hazel’s owner, 15 year old Anna Pinto from Murrysville, PA, clearly has talented chickens, since they were both in the top three! 

Third Place

Koa and Lauren

Ceiling Can’t Hold Us Dance

Koa, a 3 year old Barred Rock hen, is no stranger to competition. This talented chick has been in many shows with her trainer, Lauren, including Americans Got Talent, Nickelodeons Unleashed, The Drew Barrymore Show and Stupid Pet Tricks!

Koa’s handler, 15 Year old Lauren Frazier from Highpoint, NC hopes to one day be an animal trainer professionally. We’d say she is well on her way!